Tritonia handmade soap is totally natural, based on Cretan virgin olive oil. Additionally are added other plant oils, such as Coconut oil, Castor oil, Shea butter or Avocado oil.
Although palm oil is massively being used by soap makers, in our soaps we don’t use it for ethical reasons. Massive destruction has been made in virgin rainforest due to palm trees plantations and we don’t want to collaborate to this.

The olive oil used in our soaps and in other tritonia products, is of our own small production in Crete. It’s virgin olive oil of high quality and gives us a high quality of soap, smooth and tender to your skin.

In our soaps we only use natural plant oils, herbs and clays. We don’t use artificial colours or perfumes. Our soap has a natural smell, each one different depending on the oils and herbs used.

Our soaps can be used for the hands, the body and the hair. It’s the best alternative to shampoos and bath gels, which most of the times contain dangerous chemicals.

Soap making is very creative and in Tritonia we like to create and experiment often with new kinds of soaps. Ask us for the soaps available or propose us a soap idea that you might have!

  • Black tea & CinnamonBlack tea & Cinnamon
  • Chamomile & MarigoldChamomile & Marigold
  • Oats & HoneyOats & Honey
  • Aloe veraAloe vera
  • MarigoldMarigold
  • Red & Grey clayRed & Grey clay
  • LavenderLavender
  • For the hairFor the hair