Floral water

Tritonia hydrosols are 100% pure and are produced by small distillations in Greece. They have similar properties with the essential oils but are less concentrated and have a milder scent.

You can use the hydrosols in a number of ways:

On the Face: Close your eyes and mist your face for refreshing, cleansing or for reducing blemishes and inflammation. It can also be used as a facial toner, as an aftershave or as a make-up remover.

On the body: Lightly mist your body to feel cooled and refreshed. Your body will be left lightly fragranced.

On the hair: Mist your hair to keep them hydrated and lightly fragranced.

In the room: Mist your room to refresh the air.

  • Geranium hydrosolGeranium hydrosol
  • Lavender hydrosolLavender hydrosol
  • Jasmine hydrosolJasmine hydrosol
  • Orange hydrosolOrange hydrosol
  • Rosemary hydrosolRosemary hydrosol
  • Make up remover hydrosolMake up remover hydrosol
  • Bay leaf hydrosolBay leaf hydrosol